That just means that the fuel filter has to work harder as your vehicle ages. It'll get clogged sooner and need to be replaced more often.

A symptom of a clogged fuel filter is that the engine sputters at LA highway speeds or under hard acceleration. That's because enough fuel is getting through around Slidell, but when you need more fuel for speed, enough just can't get through the filter. Obviously, that could be dangerous if your car or truck can't get enough power to get you out of harm's way on a busy Slidell freeway.

For just that reason, fuel filters have a bypass valve. When the filter is severely clogged, some fuel can bypass the filter all together. Of course that means that dirty, unfiltered fuel is getting through to be burned in the vehicle engine.

This dirt can then clog and damage your fuel injectors. Now injectors are not cheap to replace in Slidell, so you don't want to cause them damage just because you didn't spend a few bucks to replace a fuel filter.

You know, in a way, the fuel filter can be the poster child for preventive maintenance. It's a little part, it's simple and it's cheap to take care of at Advantage Tire Wheel & accessories in Slidell. But if it's neglected, it could lead to thousands of dollars of repair bills.

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