For example, the chain runs on sprockets on the crankshaft and the camshafts. A broken tooth on a sprocket can cause the chain to slip a little. When timing is off a little your engine will not run as smoothly. When timing is off enough your engine won't run at all and could even be severely damaged. There is also a tensioner that keeps appropriate pressure on the timing chain. This keeps the chain tight while allowing it to absorb pulsations from the engine. The tensioner can wear out. There are also guide rails that keep the chain on the proper path that can become worn.

The bottom line is that at some time, one or more of the timing chain system components will become worn to the point that they are no longer performing within specification. Your Advantage Tire Wheel & accessories service advisor can help you with recommendations for when timing chain components should be replaced on your vehicle and for signs of timing chain system wear.

Since timing chains (and dozens of other parts) are lubricated by engine oil, smart Slidell residents stay on top of regular oil changes to prolong their life. Always a high quality oil filter and oil of the recommended type and grade.

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